Originally formed in 2012, the Olympia, WA-based band Strange Wilds features members from several Pacific Northwest punk bands such as (the seemingly difficult to Google) Negative Press, Outlook, Wreck and others. Last year, the lineup settled around the prototypical punk trio of bass, guitar and drums and then they went into the studio to write and record their forthcoming “Standing” 7 inch, which Sub Pop Records will release internationally on January 19th and domestically on the 20th. “Standing” the A side single (of a three song 7 inch) is a blistering, explosive and noisey song comprised of roaring power chords, thundering drums and thick bass chords paired with howled vocals. Sonically, the song bears an uncanny resemblance to Metz and early Nirvana and furthers Sub Pop’s reputation for releasing some of the best face-melting punk rock in the country.