Originally hailing from California, Francis Hseuh has been a musician almost all of his entire life, and he plays the guitar, flute, and piano. When he moved to New York he was pursuing a predictable career path when he quite the daily grind to co-write and co-direct two feature-length films. After having difficulties in acquiring an Aphex Twin song for a film, he started writing, recording and producing under the moniker Policy, and the project was partially inspired by a late night beat obsession – and of course, by film. 

Some of his earlier efforts were released by Argot Music and Rush Hour Records but he recently signed a deal with Los Angeles-based electronica tastemakers 100% Silk – a label who’s output lately has been impressive. In particular Octo Octa‘s Between Both Sides is one of my favorite electronica albums so far this year. Postscript which will be released on October 1, will also serve as Hseuh’s 100% Silk Records debut. “Postscript 187” is the first single off his forthcoming album, and it’s a densely layered track. Beginning with what sounds like African percussion and swirling electronics, then employing the use of bleating horns, 808, jazz and even house music, the track sounds as though it was composed of several distinct but related movements as it reaches its conclusion. And in some way it defies easy categorization in a playful manner.