Originally the founding members and front people of the Dallas, TX/Fort Worth, TX-based noise pop band Buck Jones, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas decided it was time for a major change; so they relocated to Burlington, VT, where they lived between 2001 and 2010, and formed their latest and current project, The Cush. And while in Burlington, they recorded and released their self-titled debut and New Appreciation for Sunshine (2006). 

However, by 2010, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas relocated back to the Dallas metropolitan area, where they recorded their third full-length effort, Between the Leaves. And as a result of their three full-length efforts, the band has toured across the US and Europe with the likes of The Sea and Cake, Heartless Bastards (whose The Mountain is one of my favorite albums), Broken Social Scene, Deerhoof, The Fiery Furnaces, Cat Power, Stars, Dead Meadow and otters. And when you hear “Broken Radio,” the first single from the band’s forthcoming Transcendental Heatwave, you’ll see why the band has toured with the likes of those bands. Much like fellow Texans, The Black Angelstheir sound possess a trance-like quality which makes it incredibly trippy but just underneath the surface, the material has a muscular insistence and moodiness that borders on menacing. But what sets them apart is their vocalists uncanny harmonies, which are woven through the song’s arrangement of twisting and turning organ, guitars fed through wah wah pedal, bass and drums.