Other than the fact that the Gothenburg, Sweden-based duo Heart/Dancer is comprised Linnéa Atieno and Joakim Buddee, little is know about them; in fact, Googling them only brings their Facebook fan page, which doesn’t reveal much if you don’t know Swedish. And yet, they’ve started to receive attention in their native Sweden, when fellow countryman and dream pop artist Summer Heart began to champion the duo after remixing their previous single “Outro.” 

Interestingly “Outro (Entry Code, Dial Tone)” reminds me quite a bit of fellow Swedish duo Moonbabies fantastic new effort, Wizards on the Beach as the song is comprised of cascading layers of shimmering synths, gently swirling electronics paired with ethereal boy/girl harmonies.  And much like Moonbabies, Heart/Dancer’s sound channels 80s synth pop as the song possesses a thoughtful introspection and an earnest attention to craft that belies the song’s effortlessly breezy nature.