Released last August, by Brooklyn-based indie rock label, Frenchkiss Records, Crimes of Passion is the follow up to the San Diego, CA-based band Crocodiles’ critically praised, Endless Flowers,. And through both effort,s the band has earned a reputation for sound that manages to be dense, scuzzy and impossibly loud – they still remain one of the louder live acts I’ve seen in quite some time; however, lead singer Brandon Welchez enlisted the help of the Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner to produce their latest effort. And with Wagner at the helm, the band has undergone a decided change of sonic direction – leaning heavily towards the densely layered psychedelica of the Stones Roses, the Jesus and the Mary Chain, Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd and the noir-ish, seductive sound of Wagner’s own Raveonettes but murkier, all while retaining the band’s murky, shambling squall.

Lyrically, the material at times manages to describe a life of gloriously sinful and excessive decadence and crushing heartache simultaneously, as you’ll hear on “Teardrop Guitar,” one of my favorite songs off the album. And it manages to have an underlying sense of dark, menace when you’ll hear Welchez sing. “I just want to see you cry,” at the song’s hook.

But underpinning the muscular insistence and menace of the material is an uncanny sense of melody and some of the catchiest hooks you’ll hear from rock songs in quite some time and it leaves a lingering, inescapable presence.

The music video continues the aesthetic of “Cockroach” – cheap, grainy and seemingly done on the sly.