Richie Hawtin is a man of many titles as he’s known as a renowned DJ, head of the electronica label, M_Nus, for collaborations with the British sculptor Anish Kapour in an installation which appeared in Paris, and perhaps most important and relevant for this site, as electronic artist Plastikman. And as Plastikman, Hawtin developed a sound that expanded on the famed Detroit techno sound as his work employed elements of minimalist electronica, psychedelia and deep grooves. 

Last year, Hawtin was invited by Raf Simons of Dior to perform new original material live at the Guggenheim. The new material wound up comprising Hawtin’s most recent release, EX. A few days after the release of the album, Hawtin performed the material off his latest album at Barcelona‘s Sonar Festival – and from that performance comes this live performance of album single “EXhale.” “EXhale” is a futuristic and extremely minimalist bit of electronica with synths that coolly pulsate in between sparse beats. In some way the track bears a resemblance to Kraftwerk‘s Trans Europe Express in the sense that you hear a theme slowly being built up and modified every few bars or so before it’s conclusion.