Robert Alfons, a Toronto, ON-based electronic music artist and producer, writes. records and performs under the moniker of Trust. Alfons’ 2012 debut album, TRST was released to critical praise from  VicePitchfork and The Guardian and was nominated for a Juno Award in his native Canada. 

Joyland, Alfons’s much-anticipated sophomore effort was released back in March through Arts & Crafts Records. And from the initial batches of singles released from the new effort, the album is a decided change of sonic direction as the album’s overall sound is cleaner and more pop orientated — in other words, the hooks are sharper and more infectious than ever, and there’s an obvious studio sheen. But it maintains a muscular forcefulness of his previous album. 

The Liar Relapse remix of Trust’s “Lost Souls/Eelings” and the remix is comprised of stomping percussion, throbbing bass, skittering synths while retaining some of the original song’s spirit and feel.