Screening: Scott Storch Documentary: Still Storch

Earlier this month, the folks at Vevo invited a group of journalists, bloggers, photographers and industry insiders to The Roxy Cinema at The Roxy Hotel for the premiere screening of Rollo Jackson’s glossy and intimate mini-documentary on super-producer and songwriter Scott StorchStill Storch.  Starting his musical career as an early member of The Roots, Storch who had also dabbled in production and songwriting left the band after the success of the Philadelphia-based hip-hop act’s seminal song, the smash hit “I Got You,” which Storch co-wrote and co-produced. With an uncanny knack for crafting an infectious hook,   shaping memorable melodies and a Forrest Gump-like ability to be in the right place at the right time, Storch wound up in California where he began shaping the sound of 2000s  pop, hip-hop and R&B, working with Dr. Dre, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Christina Aguilera and others. The hits, the money and the accolades stacked up but by 2006, the renowned producer began withdrawing from music, spent his time partying — and as a result of drug addiction, legal issues, and money woes, fell out of sight for the better part of a decade.

Since officially filing for bankruptcy in 2015, Storch began to clean up his life and began focusing again on music. He’s worked with a who’s who of contemporary hip-hop and R&B including French Montana, A$AP Ferg and Chris Brown, as well as newcomers like Kyle and Thutmose. The documentary paints a portrait of a man who has seen it all and who has done it all, but hasn’t lost his lifelong love of music and creating music. While there’s obvious references to Storch’s financial woes and his battles with drug addiction, the primary focus of the documentary is the man’s boundless creativity and his lifelong love of music.

Along with the screening, there was a Q&A hosted by Sway Calloway that included some extensive and intimate comments from Fat Joe. Check out some photos of that below.

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