Singer and vocalist Chris Kittrell with the assistance of guitarist, Zach McMillan records and performs under the moniker of Baby Alpaca. And as as a duo, they’ve received quite a bi tof attention across the blogosphere for the slow-burning but hauntingly beautiful “Sea of Dreams” which over 50,000 streams in it’s first three weeks available. The album version off the song. is  sparsely arranged with just Kittrell’s vocals, and McMillan’s guitar for the first roughly 2/3s before you’ll hear a bit of piano softly in the background, it reminded me quite a bit of Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as the Smiths

While the band is working on a full-length album, they’ve enlisted the help of several DJs including Shaun J. White, Alinka, Druzzi (of the Rapture). and others to remix and create new interpretations of the songs off their self-titled debut EP on a collection of remixes called Strictly Sexual. Druzzi’s remix of “Run With You” manages to fashion a lengthy house music groove, playing with the song’s hook by extending it to the point that it becomes the whole song. Additionally, Kitrell’s vocals are distorted and slowed down to an almost syrupy pace. Still the song is incredibly danceable and you will get caught up in the groove.