So if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past few months, you’d likely be familiar with London-based DJ, producer and electronic music artist Stuart Ojealy. When I first wrote about Ojelay, he was the resident DJ and producer at label, events and music branding company, Hed Kandi; however, in the past few months, Ojelay has launched his own label, Word of Mouth Records and to celebrate the occasion, Ojelay has recoded and released a number of singles, including several with his frequent and long-time collaborator Ted Nilsson. Yesterday, I wrote about their single “Watching You” which continues the duo’s reputation for crafting slick late 80s and early 90s-inspired house, as the song is comprise of layers of glistening and cascading synths, room rocking 808-inspired drum programming, bloops and bleeps, a looped vocal hook with a Latin-tinged breakbeat towards the middle of the song before morphing back into 90s-inspired house to end the song. The latest single from Word of Mouth Records and from the duo of Ojelay and Nilsson “Feel the Love” feat. Jody Findley is rather straightforward house music. In other words you’ll hear a lush production consisting of layers of cascading keyboards and synths and propulsive drum programming led by hot flashes of cymbal paired with Findley’s effortlessly soulful vocals. 

Although there’s modern production flourishes, the track channels the sound of C&C Music Factory, Soul II Soul and others, and as a result sounds as though it could have been released in 1989-1991 as easily as it could have been released today.