The Colchester, UK-based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Dominc Gentry, best known under the moniker of Attaque, has had a rather interesting career trajectory. Gentry had originally wrote and produced harder techno and released several singles to critical praise through some of the world’s renowned electronic music labels including Kitsune, Boys Noize, Turbo and others.

However, the material he wound up writing for his full-length debut, Only You was a decided change in sonic direction for Gentry. As you’ll hear on album title track and first single “Only You” Gentry’s sound has become much more breezily ethereal and atmospheric as chiming synths are paired with swirling electronics, distorted vocal loops and propulsive drum programming. In some way, the song reminds me a bit of Octo Octa’s impressive Between Both Sides but leaning a bit more towards a roominess that allows each individual part to breathe. 

The official video is particularly trippy as it follows an ant as it’s trying to find it’s lost companion – a companion that no one else knows or even heard of.  Of course by the rather ironic end of the video, you might realize why no one else knew of the ant’s companion.