The Lawhon Brothers, Ryan and Taylor are the creative masterminds behind indie electro pop act Pacific Air, and they’ve decided to put the project on hiatus while Ryan Lawhon concentrates on his solo, side project, Mating Ritual, which has blown up across the blogosphere, thanks to the releases of his first two singles “Toxins” and “Game.” In fact, both singles landed at number 2 and number 5 respectively on Hype Machine’s charts.

Sonically, Ryan Lawhorn’s latest project owes a debt to 80s New Age and contemporary synth pop. “Toxins” is a shimmering, marching pop ballad with the sort of soaring hook that bears a resemblance to St. Lucia and Haerts.

The official video manages to capture the sensation of a feverish dream – the sort in which you can’t quite discern what’s a hallucination or not.