The Lonely Wild’Dead End EP landed at number 19 on this site’s best of 2011 list, and their much anticipated full-length debut, The Sun As It Comes will be released on April 2nd through Ursa Major Recordings. “Everything You Need” is the latest single from the album, and much like their previously released material it manages to be sweeping and cinematic, as though it could easily be part of a soundtrack of an old Western or of any indie movie. But you’ll also notice that the Lonely Wild’s sound is incredible anthemic – and in a similar fashion to that of U2. 

The band will be embarking on a lengthy tour to support their new effort and it’ll include stops in Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Little Rock, AR; Akron, OH; the Mercury Lounge on May 16; and more than likely a music venue near you.