The Pacific Northwest, in particular Washington State has developed a reputation for bruising, forceful, power chord-based rock – think of Soundgarden, The Melvins, Nirvana and others. Sandrider, an up-and-coming Washington-based band, comprised of Jon Weisnewski (guitar, vocals), Nat Damm (drums) and Jesse Roberts (bass) continues the state’s reputation. 

Originally started as a side project as Weisnewski and Damm were members of Akimbo while Roberts was member of The Ruby Doe and Kid Congo Powers’ backing band, Sandrider, which gets their name from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, managed to capture the attention of bloggers and fans across the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the band has quickly become one of the region’s most highly regarded acts. And once you hear “Gorgon” off the band’s last album Godhead you’ll see why: the band has a towering, forceful sound that’s extraordinarily reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Rye Coalition.  

Honestly, every single time I’ve listened to this one, I’ve just wanted to fuck shit up, so keep breakable objects away. The official video has a relatively simple concept – the band performing at a rowdy house party, which includes beer showers and silly putty. I would have loved to shoot that!