Throwback: Black History Month: Miles Davis

Today is the 19th day of Black History Month. I tend to use this time as a way to remind readers – and everyone else of a couple of important facts:

  • You can’t love Black artists and their work, and not see them as people 
  • Black lives — and Black art matters 
  • Black culture is American culture 

So as we go through the month, I’m going to talk about a collection of Black artists. It’ll be fairly comprehensive and eclectic list — although it won’t be a complete list. 

So far I’ve mentioned the following artists:

Miles Davis is arguably one of the most influential and important figures in jazz — and honestly, in almost any other genre. Kind of Blue is considered the one of most important and influential recordings ever. But along with pioneering bop, he’s known for pioneering jazz fusion through a complete reinvention of his sound and approach,