Throwback: Happy 75th Birthday, Dolly Parton!

Dolly Parton is an international treasure. Today is her 75th birthday — and what better way to celebrate than with some footage of the legend doing her thing.

I actually caught Parton at Forest Hills Stadium a few years ago, and she was the highlight of what wound up being a horrible night: I broke up with an ex girlfriend a few hours later after a vicious and spite filled argument that in retrospect was bound to happen. If anything, this live footage reminds me of how amazing Parton was.

It also helps that from all accounts Parton is a genuinely decent person, who has done a lot of cool and useful things, from her book club, to helping fund Moderna‘s research into a COVID-19 vaccine, donating money to folks from her birthplace of Sevier County, Tennessee — and to just being a bold yet charming feminist icon, who did it her way. So happy birthday, Dolly! May there be many, many more.