Up-and-coming Swiss producer Sebastian Muller, is known in the electronic dance music scene under the moniker of Sebastian Carter. As Sebastian Carter, Muller is part of a sub-genre movement  that many have begun to call chill-wave/deep-house – and much like deep house, producers within the genre have employed the use of dreamy danceable rhythms and sensual melodies, as well as a lot of sinuous keyboard. And it’s a sound that has put the young producer on the map – and once you hear the Strangers Sights EP you’ll see why, as the sound bears a resemblance to Octo Octa’s impressive Between Two Selves – ethereal sinuous and percussive and entirely summery, while possessing an infectious sense of melody and rhythm, although if there’s one difference it’s this: Sebastian Carter’s work is full of hot flashes of sound. It’s club ready without being obnoxious or overtly in-your-face, as it contains a level of nuance that some EDM just doesn’t have.