When most people think of Memphis’s music scene, they immediately think of soul, funk and hip-hop, among others; however, over the last few years, Memphis has become known for a burgeoning, hardcore punk scene thanks to the folks at Goner Records, who have introduced us to bands Ex-Cult and a few others. 

With the release of their forthcoming We Are Nots on November 11, the Memphis-based quartet of Nots will likely further cement Memphis’s punk scene as something every punk fan needs to pay attention to – right this second. Formed three years ago, Nots began as the longtime collaboration between Natalie Hoffman (guitar and a former member of Ex-Cult) and Charlotte Watson (drums). And now featuring Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synths), the band has evolved into what may be arguably be their wildest incarnation yet. “Decadence” is the first single off the band’s album, and it’s meshes a raw and aggressive, thrash punk sound with meandering 60s-style synthesizer chords. In some way, every time i’ve listened to this song, it reminds me of the dark and sleazy punk rock clubs and bars I loved and used to frequent. 

I can picture myself catching $5 punk shows at the Continental or at Coney Island High or drinking to excess at nearby Sophie’s or the Library Bar, and this kind of sound would be blaring from the speakers – and you’d be moved to drink way too much, mosh and possibly even fight someone then and there. Or it’d be so awesome that it became your weekly theme song.