White Mystery, the Chicago, IL-based sibling duo of Alex White and Francis Scott Key White will be releasing their Dubble Dragon, their 20 song, 2 CD opus on their anniversary on April 20th. And from the album title track (and first single), “Dubble Dragon,"is great example of the Whites tearing through their garage rock tinged with psychedelic colors. But perhaps just as important, this particular track should prove that Alex White can fucking shred, as the song consists of some face melting guitar riffs. 

The official video produced and directed by Alxis Ratkevich and Chris Newton follows a young boy whose led on a psychedelic journey through Los Angeles’s Chinatown by the Germs’ Don Boiles. But throughout, the psychedelic road warriors are seen everywhere the kid travels, until he actually meets them. And features cuts of the White siblings tearing away through the song with their glorious red afros bobbing like mad. It’s pretty fucking impressive. 

To support the new effort, the band will be on a world tour, which will include a June 13th stop at my dear colleague and friend Amy Grimm’s Whatever Blog Northside Festival Showcase.