Young Summer is a Washington, DC-based artist, who claims Karen Carpenter, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Ryan Adams as her influences; however, her debut effort, Siren and its latest single “Severing Ties” actually leans heavily in the direction of the earnest, 80s-based synth pop of acts like Haerts, St. Lucia, White Prism and Dido. And that shouldn’t be surprising as the song thematically deals with “deciding to walk away from someone who’s been taking more than they’re giving” the DC-based artist mentions in the press release. She goes on to say that the song is “one of my favorite songs on the record because it’s an empowerment song, an anthem for those who’ve been the one who loved more in a relationship and waiving goodbye to the people that string us along.”

As you’ll hear the song, Young Summer displays a quiet yet forceful strength that belies an equal vulnerability – the sort of vulnerability that can admit “I’ve been made a fool but it won’t happen again."