Although they’re now internationally known and are considered critical darlings across both the blogosphere and in print,  Cut Copy started out from humble beginnings – as the solo creative project of Melbourne, Australia-based DJ and graphic designer Dan Whitford in 2001. The release of their 2003 debut effort – Bright Like Neon Love gained quite a bit of international attention after the band had opened for acts like Franz FerdinandBloc Party and Daft Punk. However, the band’s sophomore effort, In Ghost Colours was released in 2008 to critical praise and was a commercial success – as far as current industry standards. And personally, I think Colours may arguably be one of the best albums of the past decade because of it’s unique and deft meshing of psychedelia, synth pop and indie rock, and it’s done in a way that balances the universal with the deeply personal.  

Released at the end of last year, Free Your Mind, the Australian quartet’s fourth and latest full-length album manages to be a synthesis of the sound the band has developed through their first three albums.  Several tracks lean heavily house music with densely layered propulsive synths, swirling electronics, room-rattling drum beats, completed by Whitford’s falsetto-ish croon, including “Meet Me in a House of Love,” the latest single off the album. However, lyrically speaking, the song bears a deeper resemblance to the material on Colours as it speaks of love found under the strobe lights, the endless possibilities of the night with an urgent sensuality as the narrator seems to be asking the listener to build a house of together. 

The official video continues Cut Copy’s reputation for unusual visual treatments for their songs. In this video, directed by Trouble Hands, we follow what may be the delusions of its protagonist – he hosts a talk show in front of an audience that looks like a mural painted on a wall, before introducing cardboard cutouts of Dan Whitford and one other member of Cut Copy; however, he winds up performing every portion of “Meet Me in a House of Love” by himself, creating the appearance of a bizarre Bugs Bunny. 

The video comes just as the band announced the release of the deluxe edition of Free Your Mind which will include 3 previously unreleased tracks and will drop on July 22, while the band is doing the big festival circuit.