Certainly, when most people think of Memphis, TN’s music scene, they would likely think of the countless soul, funk. hip-hop and country acts that have called that city home; however, up until last year, Memphis had quietly developed a reputation for a burgeoning hardcore punk scene until Goner Records had released two albums that received national attention – Ex Cult’s impressive thrasher punk album, Midnight Passenger and Nots’ synth and guitar-based We Are Nots.

Formed three years ago, Nots began as the longtime collaboration between Natalie Hoffman (guitar and a former member of Ex-Cult) and Charlotte Watson (drums), who have played together in for quite some time. Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synths) were enlisted into the band early year, and as a newly formed quartet, the band wrote and recorded material that sounds as though it owes a debt to the 60s era garage rock, punk and new wave – but with a frenetic, unhinged feel. In some way, We Are Nots instantly reminds me of the dark, sleazy punk clubs and shitty little bars I would spend too much time in catching even shittier bands and drinking to excess. Ah, memories! 

The folks at BreakThru Radio invited the band to take part of their Live Studio Sessions, which naturally includes a live session with a band playing a few songs from their latest effort and an brief interview with the band. In this episode, the quartet performs “Black Mold,” “Decadence”  and “Strange Rage.” But what really makes the session illuminating is the interview session in which they describe the musician’s life in a very realistic fashion – they mention how they almost missed their Death by Audio show because their van broke down in the middle of Ohio.  Luckily, they were able to fix their issue with about a minute or two before they had to tell DBA’s booker that they couldn’t possibly make it.