Comprised of bassist Nathan Lithgow (of My Brightest DiamondInlets and Gabriel and the Hounds) and drummer Garth Macaleavey (the former touring percussionist for the Inlets and sound engineer for the Philip Glass Ensemble, the duo of NØMADS specialize in a urgent and primal sound that owes a great debt to NirvanaFugazi and others; in other words, it’s a relentless aural assault that kicks ass and makes you want to fuck shit up as often as humanly possible, as you’ll hear on “Free My Animal,” the album title track off Free My Animal, slated for an April 8 release through Mecca Lecca Recording Company. And it shouldn’t be surprised that their sound bears a resemblance to Japanther and others. 

Interestingly, the album was recorded with “first take, best take” fashion and recorded from rehearsals, which also evokes the sense of musicians cloistering themselves in the practice space, and just seeing wherever their creativity brings them. And this song, much like the rest of the material on the album has that loose, improvised feel. 

The video follows the duo all around NYC at night and it should give all of the non-NYC residents who read this site, a pretty accurate depiction of what it’s like to wander around NYC at night with a desperate and urgent desire in your very bones.