Comprised of Matt McGurn and Don Skotnicki, the Buffalo-based duo of Solidisco have had a breakthrough year as they’ve released remixes for the likes of The Knocks, Mystery Skulls, Icona Pop, and an original single, “Top of the World” which garnered quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere; after all, they have a glitzy, bouncy disco sound that has been compared to Daft Punk, and that’s not a terrible comparison but I do think that it’s not quite right. In fact, when I heard “Look,” one of the three songs off the Buffalo-based duo’s three song year-ending EP, I immediately thought of Giorgio Moroder’s heyday – dense layers of strings, a sinuous bass line, propulsive drums paired and layers of synths paired with a soulful vocal sample that’s occasionally manipulated. The single possess a hedonistic urgency that feels sweaty and absolutely sinful; it feels wrong and yet so absolutely right.