Comprised of Matt McGurn and Don Skotnicki, the Buffalo-based duo of Solidisco have won the attention of the blogosphere for remixes of The Knocks, Mystery Skulls, Icona Pop, as well as original material such as the single,  “Top of the World” which was compared favorably to Daft Punk and “Look,” which reminded me quite a bit of Giorgio Moroder. Their latest single “Unreal” with Fireflowerz continued the Buffalo-based duo’s reputation for pulsating and seductive dance music; however, in the case of “Unreal” the track also possesses a glitchy, hyper modern feel that has the song lean ever so slightly in the direction of contemporary producers such as Boys Noize, Octo Octa and others. 

Recently, Lefti remixed the song retaining the glitchy feel but adding a deep bass groove and shimmering synths and a bridge comprised of cascading synths which push the song towards the neo-disco sound of Escort while also retaining a very seductive feel.