Comprised of Sarah Aument and William Shore, the duo of Tomboy have known each other for some time as they’ve been making music both in solo projects under different monikers and in a number of bands; however, last year, the duo finally got together to collaborate. And from the singles the duo have released off their self-titled EP, the duo specializes in an electronic-based pop that’s sensual and coquettish with gleaming synths and slick production. In fact, their first single “Roll Out” managed to bear an uncanny similarity to Soft Metals‘  impressive 2013 release Lenses. The album’s latest single “Moths” employs the use of skittering percussion and glitchy synths, of the sort you’ll hear on BRAIDS‘ Flourish/Perish; however, “Moths” thanks to Aument’s cooed vocals has a sensual and urgent feel. 

Shot in a cinematic black and white, the video has some striking and surreal visuals.