Dan Snaith’s critically acclaimed recording project Caribou has followed a rather unconventional trajectory since its humble beginnings with the theft of an unused sampler from his high school’s music department. Snaith originally began writing and recording under the moniker Manitoba until Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba sued him over the use of the name, and Snaith rechristened his project Caribou. 

As Caribou, Snaith records everything in the studio but he performs with a live band that consist of Ryan Smith, Brad Weber, and John Schmersal on the road – and as a result Caribou has developed a reputation as an equally impressive live unit. 

Snaith released his latest Caribou effort, Our Love last week and to celebrate its release and the start of a lengthy world tour, he released the official video for the album’s latest single “In Our Love.” The track is comprised of skittering percussion, a distorted vocal sample, and wobbly synths for a significant portion of the song before it builds up to a layers of cascading synths to turn the song into flashy house music jam. 

The video’s director Ryan Staake has described his treatment for the song as “a slow brooding film that contrasted the seeming limitless of youth with the reality of death in later years.” Photographed by Luca Ciuti and shot on location at the Lough Ine House about an hour from Cork, Ireland, the video is achingly captivating and in many ways tells a universal truth about life.