During the Red Bull Music Academy’s recent stint here in New York, a variety of musical genres and artists were celebrated – and they managed to get a ton of beloved luminaries and musically important artists to speak about their creative process and to perform. The legendary Giorgio Moroder played what was billed as his first live DJ set ever – and during his talk at the Red Bull Music Academy, he revealed how he came into using the synthesizer, how he met Donna Summer and a lot more. Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Chris Stein talked about the punk and New Wave scenes of the mid 1970s. The DFA Records 12th Anniversary Event celebrated the inventive and genre-pushing label, responsible for LCD Soundsystem, YACHT, Shit Robot and others. 

Back on May 30th, the folks of Red Bull Music Academy paid homage to dub at Le Poisson Rouge. And the night included an All-Star cast of dub superstars including the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry, Adrian Sherwood, Subatomic Sound System, and others. Part of the show included unique collaborations including this one where Lee “Scratch” Perry teams up with Adrian Sherwood as you’ll see in the video. 

Perry has not only one of the most unique voices in music, he has one of the most unique looks you’ll ever see. Paraphrasing what a fellow journalist recently said about Perry – he’s a cosmic clown. With a sly, mischievous humor, the consummate trickster can (and does) take you on a transcendent journey through time and space, a journey in which you’ll rethink your very existence, and your connection the universe. Let Perry be your pilot on this journey y’all. Vibe out on the riddms and fly.

Check out this live footage of “Chase the Devil."