Electronic act VYIE began in March 2012 when like-minded friends Jessi Monroe and Janey Criss stole three days from their lives to conduct a musical experimental, and the result of that experiment was material that would up possessing a chilly atmospheric feel while being punctuated with some interesting percussion, like you’ll hear on “Darrk Knight.” (I should mention that drummer Alex Yeager was enlisted to help flesh out the band’s sound at the end of Monore and Criss’ experiment.  

To me, it sounds a bit like a slowed down Zambri to me, thanks in part to the harmonies between Monroe and Criss. 

Post Echo Records will be releasing VYIE’s full-length debut Nightingale on February 19th, and based on the response among some bloggers, I think the album will be highly anticipated. The band will be touring to support the album so catch them if you’re in the cities of Pittsburgh, PA; Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Jacksonville, FL; New Orleans, LA; Nashville, TN; Columbia, SC; and several others across the Midwest and South.