Formed in 1983, the Dayton, OH-based Guided by Voices has been in many ways a cult-status band — the sort of band beloved and admired by musicians and music journalists. And although the band has gone through a variety of lineup changes, one thing has remained — principal songwriter and insanely prolific, creative force Robert Pollard. Influenced by garage rock, psych rock, prog rock, and post punk, the band is best known for writing songs within the 2 minute range and generally lo-fi aesthetic. 

In 2004, Guided by Voices broke up with various members focusing on solo projects and other work. Pollard released a number of solo albums himself. But in 2010, the 1993-1996 lineup reunited for Matador Records’ 21st Anniversary party, and they followed that up with a national tour, and several new releases.  Motivational Jumpsuit, the band’s (or should I say the 93-96 lineup’s?) latest album will be released here in North America on Tuesday. Much like “Littlest League Possible,” “Table At Fool’s Tooth” consists of a forceful buzz of power chords and thundering drums in a song that’s a little over a minute long before suddenly ending.