If you’ve been following this site, specially over the last few weeks, you would have come across several mentions not just of Memphis’s music scene, but also of Goner Records, the label home of that city’s burgeoning, hardcore garage rock and punk scene – in part to releases from bands such as Ex-Cult

With the recent release of We Are Nots,  the Memphis-based quartet of Nots will likely further cement Memphis’s punk scene as something every punk fan – hell, every music fan, must pay attention to. In any case, Nots began three years ago as the longtime collaboration between Natalie Hoffman (guitar and a former member of Ex-Cult) and Charlotte Watson (drums). And now featuring Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synths), the band has evolved into what may be arguably be their wildest incarnation yet. “Decadence” is the first single off the band’s album, and it’s meshes a raw and aggressive, thrash punk sound with meandering 60s-style synthesizer chords. In some way, every time i’ve listened to this song, it reminds me of the dark and sleazy punk rock clubs and bars I loved and still frequent. In some fashion “Decadence” reminds me of $5 and $8 punk shows at the Continental or at Coney Island High; of drinking and carousing with friends at Sophie’s, the Library Bar or at Clem’s with this song blaring out of the speakers. And you’d be moved to drink way too much, jump into a mosh pit and fuck shit up and thrash like a raving fool. 

The official video splices footage of the band playing at what could be a crazy basement party and at a live show, and random found footage from old and shitty movies and TV shows, and it makes a certain sleazy sense.