If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for some time, you may recall that I interviewed the Pittsburgh-born, Brooklyn-based producer maticulous, and as he told me in that interview the Steel City has a rather vibrant and burgeoning hip-hop scene – with artists, who are starting to get national attention.  Pittsburgh-based emcee HUBBS will be releasing his Modern Vintage III mixtape on July 21 and the album’s first single, “Endless Days” produced by P. Fish and featuring a guest spot by fellow Pittsburgh emcee Beedle. And the track features an smooth, soulful, old school sample that J. Dilla and Pete Rock would love paired with HUBBS’ and Beedle’s easy-going, Dirty South-inspired flows. 

Interestingly, the song thematically talks about how we need to live our lives for this very moment, because this moment is ultimately the only one we’re assured. 

The official video features the duo of HUBBS and Beedle hanging out and driving around Pittsburgh, and it gives you a local’s sense of the town and its hardworking, loyal denizens.