Liars have a long-held reputation for defying expectations at every single turn of their careers, and for a sound that has been at times purposely challenging. WIXIW, which landed at number 21 on this site’s Best of 2012 was an album comprise of material that left a lingering anxious, unease thanks to a sparse, minimalist production style. However, the trio’s recently released, seventh full-length album, Mess is the schizophrenic antithesis of WIXIWAs Angus Andrew has admitted in interviews, the studio sessions for the album were “instinctual, fun, and confident.” And most of the material on Mess possess a purposeful, ball-out sense of abandon that feels deeply primal and is unbelievably fun. 

However, “I’m No Gold’ may arguably be the one track on the album that bears a closer resemblance to the material off WIIXIW in the sense that it possesses a similar anxious, unease although the track manages to be breezier and somewhat hallucinatory, which the official video manes to capture.