Los Angeles-based quartet Talk in Tongues have developed a reputation both across their hometown and Southern California for a shoegaze/psych rock sound that reportedly draws from Pink Floyd and the Creation Records roster, and a result the band’s debut effort, Alone With A Friend, which was released on May 19, was named the fifth best LA album of the year so far, on a list that also included Kamasi Washington, Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and Nosaj Thing. And as the Los Angeles-based quartet are wrapping up a run of dates with Blonde Redhead, they recently released the official video for album single “While Everyone Was Waiting.” Interestingly, the latest single sounds as though it draws more from MGMT as the song is comprised of a glistening guitar chords and dreamily falsetto vocals paired with a propulsive motorik groove that comes from a sinuous bass line and four-on-the-floor style drumming. To my ears, the comparison to classic psych rock or to early shoegaze seems a little inaccurate as “While Everyone Was Waiting” is way too funky and way too danceable; in fact, it sounds as though their psych rock tendencies are filtered through dance punk. 

The official video for the song is appropriate trippy and mind-altering as it features footage of the band performing the song through various color filters and kaleidoscopic effects. Trippy, indeed.