Lyric Video: Rodes Rollins Releases a Boldly Self Assured Feminist Anthem

Nasty Woman – Rodes Rollins by Rodes Rollins on VEVO.

Over the past year or so, I wrote a bit about Rodes Rollins, a Boulder, CO-based singer/songwriter, who has had stints living abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is now primarily based in New York. And as you may recall, Rollins first emerged into the national scene with “Young and Thriving,” the first single off her critically applauded debut EP Young Adult, an incredibly self-assured album that told the story of the artist’s most formative experiences of her youth in a sort of nostalgic yet wizened flashback — or in other words with the perspective of someone, who now sees how her decisions, both for better or for worse, planned or serendipitous have influenced where her life is at this very moment.

“Nasty Woman,” Rollins’ latest single is a boldly self-assured, empowering, feminist anthem that according to Rollins centers on empowerment and pride, while focusing on  “. . . the multi-dimensionality of what it means to be a woman in society — being who you are, as you are; and being proud of that. This song is not presented from only my singular perspective, or through just one medium. The very point of what I’m trying to express is that being a woman shouldn’t be a restrictive identity, but rather a broad and inclusive one.” Interestingly, the song will further cement the up-and-coming singer/songwriter’s reputation for crafting infectious hook-laden pop but this time centered around a propulsive and bluesy guitar line and propulsive drumming from Portugal, The Man‘s Kane Ritchotee — but while featuring deeply inclusive, intersectionally focused lyrics.