Manchester, UK-based electronica artist and club owner, Ryan Hunn writes, records, produces and performs under the moniker Illum Sphere. And his debut full-length, The Ghosts of Then and Now slated for a February 11th release through Ninja Tune Records is anticipated to be one of the standout albums of 2014, as the album reportedly was conceived (and written) to be a full-length record – in the sense that it was meant to be listened as a seamless and organic whole. 

“Sleeprunner” is the first single off the forthcoming album. Starting off with buzzing synths, swirling electronics in the background, and other random blips and bloops, the track manages to not only sound as though it could be part of the soundtrack for a futuristic, dystopian future, it manages to possess an sense of texture – in some sense, you can feel as though the track is twisting and turning itself into a Gordian knot. 

Zed Bias’ remix manages to give the song a house music sheen with the addition of what sounds like xylophone/vibraphone, horns, and a slightly more upbeat tempo. Interestingly, the sense of unease in the original is scrubbed away, although it still retains its sense of texture.

Illum Sphere’s Re-Run of “Sleepwalker” manages to give his own song an increasingly glitchy, but modern sheen – in some way it bears a resemblance to the incredible Boys Noize, complete with staccato drum blasts. The re-run manages to create a sense of an optical illusion oscillating and undulating before your eyes.