Memphis, TN-based label Goner Records has put a city best known to the rest of the world as the home of soul, funk and hip-hop on the map for having a vital punk rock that must be paid attention to right now, as they’ve released albums by the bruising hometown heroes, Ex-Cult; Minneapolis, MN-based trio The Blind Shake; the Texas-based OBN IIIs; and Nots, a quartet formed three years ago that features Natalie Hoffman (guitar and a former member of Ex-Cult) and Charlotte Watson (drums), Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synths). 

Released last November, the band’s album. We Are Nots received attention for a sound that meshed raw and aggressive and urgent thrash punk with meandering 60s-influenced psych rock synth chords and propulsive drumming paired with shouted lyrics  – and done in a way that sounds unbridled, raw and frenzied as you’ll hear on the album’s latest (and very noisy) single “White Noise.” If you’re anything like me, hearing Nots should remind you of catching dozens upon dozens of punk rock shows in dark, dingy, sweaty and sometimes illegal basement venues across your town, and how once every now and then you’d catch something absolutely amazing that would change your life. 

The video was shot on blasted out, distorted VHS tape which recreates the noisy fury of the song.