Mighty Mouse is a producer, composer, DJ and half of the Du Tonc production team, and he’s built a reputation for disco edits and remixes, especially his disco-based remixes of singles by Gorillaz and Gil Scott -Heron. And he garnered further attention after the release of his four part Disco Circus compilation; in fact, Mixmag listed the first two of the series as part of their “Top 10 Comps of the Year." 

But with the release of ”In Front of Our Friends,“ featuring Monarchy, Mighty Mouse’s sound expanded as he incorporated house and techno in his own original work – and as a result, Mighty Mouse was on extensive tours through Australia, Europe and the US. He also founded his own label, Nightifilm Records

Mighty Mouse wound up meeting producer, DJ and electronic music artist Ronika through the producer/DJ circuit. While working as a sound engineer and DJ’ing around clubs and venues in Nottingham, Ronika began making music that was heavily inspired by Egyptian Lover and Afrika Bambaata – and in some way her sound is a crate-digger’s delight as it incorporates elements of disco, hip-hop, house music, R&B and contemporary pop. In fact, if you’ve followed JOVM, you might have come across a mention of her and her debut effort, Selectadisc, which pays homage to Nottingham’s beloved and now-closed independent record store. That album was released earlier this year to critical praise across the blogosphere and several major publications across Ronika’s native UK. 

Their recent collaboration "See Through You” pairs two of Britain’s up-and-coming electronic artists and producers on a track that continues the recent trend of producers and artists turning towards disco and funk; interestingly, Ronika and Mighty Mouse’s collaboration sounds as thought it owes equal debts to Nile Rodgers and Chic, as it does to Escort. thanks to a sinuous and seductive bass line, layers of shimmering synths and Ronika’s breathily cooed vocals. 

Obviously, the track is slickly produced but it manages to possess a carnal quality – it should make you want to fuck as much as you want to dance.