New Audio: Belgium’s Illbe Shares Brooding “Growing”

Gauthier Gilissen is a Belgian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer, best known as Illbe. Gilisen is a curious and nerdy sort, who studied musicology. And as a result, he has been drawn by an eclectic array of influences, including film noir, alt-rock, ambient music, doom jazz, the late Angelo Badalamenti, King Krule, Forever Pavot, and more, which he translates into his own unique, musical language.

Gilisen released his latest Illbe EP, Long Gone earlier this year. EP single “Growing” is a slow-burning and brooding song featuring skittering trap beats, glistening guitars, atmospheric synths paired with the Belgian artist’s plaintive delivery and well-placed, enormous hooks. Sonically seeming to mesh 80s pop, trip-hop and goth “Growing” also manages to nod — mood wise at least — with Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight.