New Audio: Brooklyn’s Essi Releases an Expansive Genre-Defying Take on Industrial Post Punk

Essi is a Brooklyn-based post-punk/industrial duo, comprised of Jessica Ackerley and Rick Daniel. Interestingly enough because both Ackerley and Daniel have backgrounds in noise rock, jazz improvisation and in experimental bands like Gold Dime and Yvette, the duo have a long-held proclivity for unorthodox songwriting and song structures — and for crafting a enormous and layered sound that belies intricate details and painstaking composition choices.

The duo’s forthcoming  Jonathan “Jonny” Schenke-produced album Vital Creatures reportedly finds the duo skirting the edges of genre and genre boundaries while retaining the enormous sound that has been their trademark — all while displaying a deft and appropriate mix of guitar pedals and effects, percussive electronics and vocal distortion. Vital Creatures‘ latest single “Pines and Cones” features rumbling bass, slashing guitar chords, propulsive drumming and peals of feedback within an expansive song structure that finds the band employing elements of prog rock, shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock simultaneously.