New Audio: Cy Dune Releases a Breakneck Punk Rock-Inspired Ripper

Seth Olinsky is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer, producer and studio owner best known as the co-founder and lead vocalist of acclaimed, underground, experimental noise folk outfit Akron/Family. He’s also the creative mastermind behind the equally acclaimed solo recording project Cy Dune, a project that has found Olinsky exploring the blues, 50s rock and 60s/70s photo-punk through his unique lens.

Interestingly, Olinsky’s various projects have displayed a post-genre approach in which he collages several different genres simultaneously to create multiple meanings while purposely juxtaposing authentic and pure songwriting sincerity with self aware meta-meaning and pranksterism.

Olinsky’s latest Cy Dune effort Against Face is slated for a March 3, 2022 release through Lightning Studios. Clocking in at a breakneck 18 minutes, the album is a meta-punk blast through 20th Century art school punk forms mashed together.

Against Face‘s second and latest single, album title track “Against Face” is centered around a relentless tom pattern, buzzing power chords, mosh pit friendly hooks and a jab filled rant-like vocal turn from Olinksy that seems indebted to Bob Dylan and The Stooges self-titled album — in particular “No Fun.” Play loud and get out your frustration over our unending shittiness.

“But ultimately, as with much of Cy Dune songs, the new track represents fun with music’s societal forms more than a hardline ideological perspective, and fits mostly in line with the truly committed aspect of the Cy Dune music again and again to Energy Music and its positive impact on humanity,” Olinsky says.