New Audio: Emerging Producer PIB Releases an Infectious and Summery Banger

PIB is a French-born electronic music producer and artist, who splits his time between Ibiza and Barcelona. Passionate about creating positive and hopeful music that makes a difference, the emerging French-born, Spanish-based producer and artist’s work is deeply inspired by the beauty of his adoptive homeland.

The French-born, Spanish-based producer’s self-assured, debut single “Es Vedrá Energy” derives its title from an uninhabited, rocky island, just off the southwestern coast of Ibiza. The song is an aptly sun-drenched and upbeat banger, featuring shimmering synth arpeggios, tweeter and woofer rock beats, sultry female vocals, tribal drumming and a rousingly anthemic hook that’s perfect to shout drunkenly along to while in the club.

Interestingly, 50% of all of streaming revenue will be donated to animal charities, like Pet Alert.