New Audio: France’s Flora Junie Shares DarK, Brooding Yet Accessible “Fleur”

Flora Junie is a French singer/songwriter and guitarist, who has spent several stints of her career as the frontwoman of several all-girl rock bands including Cognacq, Jays, Junie Jungle and Desilons.

With her Fred Lefranc-produced debut EP Init, Junie steps out into the spotlight as a solo artist crafting a sound that’s a decided change in direction from her previously released work — a brooding, percussive take on trip-hop and electro pop. Interestingly, the EP is Junie’s first effort with lyrics written and sung completely in French.

“Fluer,” Init‘s latest single features tweeter and woofer rattling boom bap, buzzing bass synths paired with Junie’s plaintive delivery and a rousingly anthemic hook. Sonically, “Fluer” to my ears manages to recall Third-era Portishead and Silver Eye-era Goldfrapp while possessing a pop-leaning accessibility.

With a backbone that is definitely rock oriented, being the singer/guitarist of several all-girl bands from 2006 to 2012 (Cognacq Jays, Junie Jungle) and Deslions in 2014/2015, Flora Junie now introduces herself on her own. Her 1st EP is a concentrate of cinematic emotion, a dark yet catchy pop fiction.