New Audio: Introducing Camille TRUST and Her Funky, Swaggering, New Single “Wake Your Body Up”

Born and raised in Tampa, FL and currently located here in NYC, Camille Trzcinski, who performs under the moniker Camille TRUST is a singer/songwriter, whose sound according to her website is deeply influenced by Motown and funk — and in some way it shouldn’t be surprising that the young, up-and-coming singer/songwriter has claimed that Etta James, Janis Joplin and Stevie Wonder are influences.

Trzcinski can trace the origins of her musical and performing career to when she won an Annie look-a-like contest hosted at a local Barnes and Noble. She spent a decade in a song and dance ensemble called Entertainment Revue and then received a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Florida State University. And much like countless other aspiring young artists, Trzcinski moved to New York with the hopes of making it — and since relocating to New York, Trzcinski has been a top finalist in Scott Alan’s “I’m a Star” contest and NYMF’s Next Broadway Sensation.

Now, as you can imagine, as a music blogger I wind up meeting musicians, publicists, label folks and colleagues in a variety of fashions — usually at shows but I’ve also been introduced to people at bars, while drinking copious amounts of Guinness or at networking events; in fact, I met Trzcinski at a networking event several months ago, and she recently contacted me about her funky, debut single “Wake Your Body Up.” The single pairs Trzcinski’s effortlessly soulful vocals, which strangely enough are reminiscent of a young Lauryn Hill with angular, funk guitar, swirling electronics and hand clap-led percussion to craft a song that possesses an undeniable swagger and an infectious, arena-friendly hook that you can picture kids shouting along to in a music venue in the near future. Just from this single, I think this up-and-coming artist has quite a future ahead of her.