New Audio: Introducing The Beatles-Inspired Sounds of Stockholm’s Otto Niklasson Elmerås

With the release of his 2016 debut EP, the Stockholm, Sweden-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Otto Niklasson Elmerås received attention nationally and internationally for material that centered around 60s inspired melodies and intricate musical arrangements. Elmerås’ full-length debut Mono is slated for a June 14, 2018 release through Birds Will Sing For You Records, and the album’s latest single is the swooning love song “Wrong Side of the Road.” Upon first listen, the song will further cement the Swedish singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s growing reputation for writing songs centered around intricate, Beatles-like melodies; in fact, for the most part Elmerås’ latest single sounds deeply indebted to Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles. But interestingly enough, the song reveals an artist, who’s subtly expanding upon his sound, as he incorporates 70s influences to create a song that’s sincere, carefully crafted and yet incredibly anachronistic.