New Audio: Introducing the Boundary Pushing Sounds of Ottawa’s Garçons

Comprised of Nigerian-born, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based singer/songwriter Deelo and Canadian-born, Ottawa-based producer and director Julian Strangelove, the up-and-coming electro pop duo Garçons can trace their origins back to when the duo initially met back in 2014 — although it wasn’t until last summer that the duo started to collaborate, inspired by the heady and bohemian lyricism of Pharrell Williams and Q-Tip. Interestingly, the duo’s work has been centered by a meticulous DIY ethos with the duo writing and producing their own music, videos and artwork, which they feel allows them to push their music to the fringes of what’s expected.

The up-and-coming Ottawa-based electro pop duo’s forthcoming debut EP Body Language was written over the course of a month in Strangelove’s apartment. “There wasn’t a goal, we just wanted to make good music,” Strangelove says of the experience. “At the end of the day, the music is really all about embracing uniqueness and the things that make us human – love, nostalgia, euphoria, insecurities, lust, boredom, etc.” The EP’s latest single “Pink Dress” features Deelo’s sultry D’Angelo-like falsetto over a funky, neo-soul production consisting of twinkling keys, thumping beats and a hi-hat-based swing. At it’s core, the song is an old school love letter to a manic pixie dream girl. However, the song points out that the dream girl that the song is about has actually lived a full and messy life; that his fantasy, is just that that because no person and no situation is perfect.

“Pink Dress” is a remarkably self-assured track, revealing a duo that creatively expands the boundaries of electro pop and soul in an accessible, radio friendly fashion.