New Audio: Rossi Scarlette Releases a Sultry and Breezy Single

Anna Scarfagna Rossi is an emerging Paliano, Italy-born, Paris-based singer/songwriter and musician, who writes and performs as Rossi Scarlette. Rossi, who grew up listening to and loving Italian music, relocated to Paris when she was 25. And upon relocating to Paris, Rossi attended a local music school, where she took jazz classes and fell in love with improvisation.

Eventually Rossi began writing original material inspired by her life and sonically drawing from her native Italy, her adopted home and West Africa: Rossi cites the likes of Claude Nougaro, Lucio Batisti, Nina Simone, Christine and the Queens, Pomme, Grand Corps Malade, Mahmoud, and Amy Winehouse as influences.

Rossi is currently working on two very different projects — an album of French and Italian covers and an album of original material. Her latest single “La Vague” mixes shimmering African-like instrumentation with modern production featuring finger snaps, strummed ukulele and thumping beats paired with Rossi’s sultry vocals and an infectious hook. The song manages to be deceptively breezy with its craft being revealed on multiple listens.