New Audio: Sam The Woo Shares Audacious and Swaggering “Rude Little Girl”

Emerging Northern California-born, New York-based pop artist Sam The Woo grew up on a llama farm and initially had dreamt of becoming a dermatologist. But her knack for performing kept nagging and poking at her. She relocated to New York, where she attended Pace University’s Musical Theater program.

With a semester left until graduation, the Northern California-born, New York-based artist left the program to pursue a career in music. While she can trace her songwriting to writing poetry on second grade papers, learning production during the pandemic helped her step up her game. The result is genre-defying take on pop that features elements of jazz, funk, country, Motown-era soul and alt-pop.

Sam The Woo’s debut EP, Hungry Appetite is slated for an October release. The EP’s latest single “Rude Little Girl” displays an audacious and swaggering approach to songwriting with the song featuring nods to classical music and bossa nova and some remarkably catchy hooks paired with Sam The Woo’s sultry and self-assured delivery. Simply put, what you’re hearing is the bold emergence of a burgeoning pop star.