New Audio: Up-and-Coming Canadian Singer-Songwriter J.R. Releases Bitterly Ironic Visuals for Anthemic “Be My Man”

Julianna Riolino is a rather mysterious Southern Ontario-based singer/songwriter and musician, who writes and records as J.R. Riolino’s latest single is the jangling and anthemic, 80s New Wave-like “Be My Man,” which is centered by her gritty yet plaintive vocal delivery, a rousing hook and a propulsive backbeat — all of which help to evoke a desperate hope that this time, it’ll be different.

Inspired by her return back to her hometown after some time living in a bigger city, after she had left an abusive and dysfunctional relationship with a very angry man, the Southern Ontario-based singer/songwriter and musician explains in email thatĀ “isĀ about making the same mistake over and over, hoping that you learn from it.” And in some way it’s a major leap of faith in which you hope for the best and brightest and maybe prepare yourself for the worst.

Using stock footage from the mid 70s, the recently released video emphasizes the themes within the song as the viewer follows a desperate, young woman, packing her bags up to leave the chaotic city. During what may be seen as either an accident or an attack, the young woman envisions the scenes of a terrible musical around the song’s hook, and while those sequences are hopeful and joyous, they’re tinged with something hauntingly sad — the fact that something terrible had to happen for it to be possible.