New Audio: Up-and-Coming Pop Artist Zoë Moss Releases a Bold and Swaggering Single


Zoë Moss is an up-and-coming New York-based singer/songwriter and pop artist. Six weeks after she moved to New York, Moss got hit by a cab — and in many ways that was when her creative life truly began. The following years were a blur: partially as a result of the concussion she suffered when she got hit by that cab, and as a result of her involvement in New York’s music and art scenes.

Moss entered into a highly experimental period in which she found her sound and aesthetic transforming as she began meshing the production styles of hip-hop and pop with indie rock melodicism, eventually landing upon a sound that’s a seamless synthesis of grunge rock and electro pop. New York City – more than anything – inspires the way I make music,” Moss says in press notes. “I love embracing the grittier sides of the city in my music. I feel like it parallels my personality. There’s a side to New York that is social and dynamic. But then there is an underbelly that will devour you if you’re not careful.”

Back in 2014, Moss attended the Clive Davis Institute and while there, she landed her first label placement, writing the folk pop tune “Sinner” for Andy Grammer. The following year, she was hospitalized for an Adderall overdose and was committed to a mental ward for several hours, swearing she didn’t do “it” — whatever “it” was. Since then, the New York-based singer/songwriter and pop artist has co-written, co-produced or lent her vocals for tracks for Grace VanderWaal, Brooks,Mothica, Jordyn Jones, Fly By Midnight and has participated in sessions with Larzz Principato, Ido Zmishlany,Andy Seltzer, Scott Harris, SoFly and Nius, Mike Campbell, The XI/The Eleven and Daytrip.

Moss is stepping out into the limelight as a solo artist  with the release of debut EP Stories through her own label She’s No Good. Thematically, the EP’s even songs give the listener an intimate look into the life of a 20 something musician and free-spirit. The soon-to-be released EP’s first single, “Operator” swaggering and self-assured track centered around a slick, club friendly production consisting of thumping beats, synth arpeggios, twinkling keys and an enormous hook.  But what makes the single interesting to me is how the song finds Moss boldly and unapologetically announcing — and asserting — her presence. Moss is here and she’s gearing up to kick ass and take names.

“The Operator is a song about confidence,” Moss explains. “Before writing Stories I was writing music for other artists in New York and Los Angeles. Very happily I may add. I’ve been fortunate enough to write across many genres with many different perspectives. But for the longest time, I was unconsciously searching for an artist to create this particular sound. It dawned on me finally, that I can be that artist. So I decided to find the confidence to be that artist myself.”